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This company was founded in 2005 and starts in 2018. Our company AAA CRS, Inc, is oriented to international trade and belongs to the agriculture industry for the exports and imports organic fruits and vegetables. We have been researching the agricultural industry by four years, focused on non-durable products, in the wholesale trade sector. We are the ones who negotiate directly with the farmer, producer from different countries such as: Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica and others. We look for the organic product clean of pesticides and products that do not have chemicals that can harm the health of our consumers. We take care of the quality of the products in the process of the supply chain and logistics with great care so that they arrive safely at their destination, fresh and with the best quality for delivery.

The company entered the market with a range of general products from all categories, mainly in the organic fruit and vegetable market that we seek to position in the United States market and other countries such as: Canada, Mexico and the European Union.

The company is also developing its own brands and our industry is agriculture (organic fruits and vegetables) and directed to international trade. As well as the export and import of durable and non-durable products. In addition, we export to the European Union and import organic fruit and vegetable products from Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador and Costa Rica.










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