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  • Adventure Force Ultimate Dino Garage Explore. Age recommendation 3+ Guarantees hours of imaginative and action-packed play 5 cast vehicles included Game with 5 parking levels where you can park up to 55 cast iron vehicles working lift 3 feet high 360-degree crane with car lift, wreck ball, and pterodactyl. Light and gas station and sound door. Mechanical characteristics at each level, such as gas station, repair station, and car wash.
  • Create your own adventures by running your cars through the various Race obstacles to hit the raptor in the double-track launcher.
  • Improve your driving skills to escape the T-Rex that awaits you at the bottom of the spiral tower. Be careful with the pterodactyls circle, improve your driving skills to escape the T-Rex that awaits you at the bottom of the spiral tower. Be careful with the predaceous circle.
  • , Lights and Sounds, Standing Over 3 Feet Tall and Storing up to 50 Die-Cast Vehicles, Great Gift Idea
  • Action Packed and Thrilling AF Ultimate Dino City Garage with 5 Die-Cast Vehicles Included



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Adventure Force Ultimate Dino Garage Explore the new and innovative Ultimate Dino City Garage from Adventure Force! Drive on endless adventures and get to master the many features of the Ultimate Dino City Garage. With a height greater than 3 feet and storage capacity of up to 50 cast vehicles, this is the best. Let your imagination take over and enjoy the various functions, such as the car lift that takes your cars to the 5 car parks. The huge platforms guide you through one of the dangerous obstacles. There is a spiral track that drives your cars through the threatening jaw of a T-Rex. There is also a double high-speed race track that is protected by a fierce rapist. The large garage game comes with two impressive light and sound functions that can be activated by pushing the gas pump or simply driving through the door. You can discover the many moving parts, such as the 360-degree crane fully filled with action that can lift your car. The crane can also hold the dangerous pterodactyl, or a massive wreck ball and circulate them around the garage by flying 3 feet above the ground. In addition to that, you can find in each level small mechanical features such as a gas station, repair station, or car wash. Invite your friends and share your racing adventures! GUARANTEE DINO OF ULTIMATIVE ADVICE.



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