Change and Disconnect from the Poverty Mentality You Inherited from Society and You Will Obtain a Wealth and Abundance Mentality – Jack Ma – Animated Summary – Financial Mentors

Jack Ma, states that “It is impossible to please poor minds”
Invite them to invest in their mind and knowledge, they answer that they will when they have money.

“Give them something for free, and they think it’s a trap.
Tell them it’s a small investment, they’ll say they won’t earn much.

Ask if they want to invest big, they will tell you they have no money. Tell him to try new things, they will tell you that they don’t know how to do it.

Invite them to a traditional business, they will say that it is difficult to do.
Tell them it’s a new business model, they’re going to say it’s a scam.

Tell them to start a new business, they will say they have no experience.

And when you ask them, what do they want to do? They will not be able to respond.

It seems that having grown up in environments of scarcity or conformity leads us to get used to thinking in a way contrary to the abundance that is available in the world. However, by changing beliefs, it is possible to transform the mentality of poverty.

Join us until the end of this video and discover:
How to change a Poverty mentality that you inherited from the world
Strategies used and tested by Jack Ma to achieve a life of Abundance and fullness.

Disconnect from the Poverty Mentality You Inherited and Obtain a Mind of Wealth - Jack Ma
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