The famous Spanish brand of glasses Hawkers and their ability to use social networks and Internet communication to grow their business exponentially, reaching 15 million euros in the first year of launch.

How to use social networks to make your business viral | Hawkers Case 🕶️

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A story that appears and tarnishes the good success of the company. Hawkers

Where the media say that the company operates with money stolen from Venezuela that grows in Spain and the world.

When Forbes dares to present a brand like Hawkers on its cover; and dare to ask how he happened to be successful; it is worth investigating a little more


 By Orlando Avendaño Updated Aug 1, 2018

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The president of Hawkers, Alejandro Betancourt, is investigated by the police of Spain and has been sued in the US. (Manintown)
Less than two months ago, the renowned Forbes magazine led its edition with a story about Spanish entrepreneurship, Hawkers. A brand that sells sunglasses and uses the internet, mainly as its means of distribution.

According to Forbes, “his career is the envy of the entrepreneur.” In the June edition, Hawkers became the youngest company to appear on the cover of Forbes Spain. They stressed that “more than 4.5 million sunglasses have been sold in 50 countries.” And that the company went from billing € 300 to € 100,000,000 “in just three years.”

Madrid, October 6, 2016. The Venezuelan businessman Alejandro Betancourt (Left), who has invested 50 million euros in the Spanish glasses company.

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