Bluetooth Headphones,Mr.Eleven Wireless Headset Earbuds Twins in Ear Earphone with Charger Box (White)



  • HIGH-QUALITY SOUND: While some other stereo Bluetooth headphones produce weak sounds, our wireless Bluetooth earbuds are designed to produce clear superior sound and prevent background noises from overwhelming your ears when you are making calls!
  • ADVANCED CONNECTION ABILITY: Our cordless headphones feature a superior motion-detecting technology that lets them connect to your device or phone effortlessly as soon as you turn them on. They are designed to automatically play when you put them in your ears and pause when you remove them!
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL & UNIQUELY DESIGNED: To ensure optimal comfort and ideal fit, these genuine wireless earphones are ergonomically designed to provide asymmetric balance and stay right where you want them during yoga and your workout.
  • MULTIPLE COMPATIBILITY: Take your listening to the next level with this bass Bluetooth earphones! This wireless Bluetooth earbud is compatible with all iOS, Android phones, tablets, watches & every other Bluetooth-enabled device!
  • CHARGEABLE CASE & LONG BATTERY LIFE: Enjoy up to 4 hours of immersive audio and listening time with these cordless headphones. They also come with a portable and compact charging case that provides convenient on-the-go charging.
  • Shipped on The Day of Purchase, The shipping time is 3-7 days.





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